"It's not my conscience, not my mind, that is diseased, but the world I have to live in"

Harry hasn't been home in 8 years. On his return he is welcomed back into a house where time stands still; inhabited by an overbearing Mother, a doting Auntie and the coy 'girl next door'.

Everything seems to be in order. Everything seems to be in place.. Yet something isn't quite right. ..

Harry must confront the hidden traumas of his past if he is to live fully in the present and potentially reshape his future.

But where does one go in a world of insanity?....

Starring: Luke Hornsby, India Thain and Sabrina Messer

Directed and Adapted by: Scarlett Woolfe

Assistant Director: Jess Cole

Original Music by: Josh Field


The Family Reunion (1939) is a rarely performed piece by T.S Eliot. It is a curio of dramatic experimentation that weaves philosophy, satire and Greek tragedy with modernist poetry; needled with Eliotʼs unwritten autobiography.   

The play explores how the breakdown of a familial union affects the mental and physical health of an individual - newly illuminated with contemporary and urgent relevance.