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“He lies on his right side, head near thunder of the waters filling his dreams...eternally asleep. Outside, outside myself, there is a world, he rumbled...”

Adapted from William Carlos William’s poem Paterson—the result of a 20 year-long vision—Who Are These People is a social and psychological panorama, in which the individual embodies the city's many aspects through his own identity and experiences. 

Emerging every morning from his den, he shrinks and grows as he navigates the push-pull rhythms of the city. “Who? Who? Who? What?” 

Through a fog of memory, chaos and dreams, we discover what the city has made of him and watch his desperate attempts to move forward while constantly being dragged back into his past... “forcing him onto backstreets to begin again.”

Who Are These People will be previewed at SET, Dalston before the venue is sadly closed down to be made into hotels. 

Actor: Luke Hornsby 

Adapted and Directed by: Scarlett Woolfe

Assistant Directors: Scout Nankin and Sydney Radclyffe

Environment Creator (Set, Props, Costume, Live Sound): Stella Pearce

Movement Director: Scout Nankin

Script Supervisor: Sydney Radclyffe

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